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Cancellation Policy

allmedsdoor committed to 100% Satisfaction. We always try to fulfill every order placed by our clients. But somehow there might always be some reason for which clients wish to cancel an order. For this, we kept our cancellation policy as flexible as possible.

Orders are continually processed by us, and if you wish to cancel your order, you need to inform us before your order is likely to be on its way to you within 24 hours of you placing it. If any customer cancels the order before the goods/items are issued to our shipping department, we will refund your payment.

Apart from the cancellation by customers, please note that there may be a chance of certain orders may not fulfill or process and must have to cancel by us. The reason behind this cancellation may include unavailability of products, limitation on purchase quantity at one time, or any problems identified by our fraud avoidance department.

If any order is canceled by us, then our customer care team will inform you whether full or any portion of your order is canceled. Any amount charged by us or Paid by you will be refunded in full to your account.

Also, unpaid orders consider as canceled.

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